NaNoWriMo Day 3

It’s the third evening of my NaNoWriMo adventure this year. So far I’ve reached my goal every day. I see people with word-counts way behind the moon. And while I can understand the urge to write as much as possible, that’s not my approach. I’m looking for regularity more than sheer amount of words. That’s why I love the monthly writing challenge on twitter so much. It’s about writing or editing daily. 500 words or one hour are doable. I can fit them into my schedule quite easy. Writing the 1667 words per day in November though is a bit harder. I’m writing in the morning before work mostly now. While I usually like to write in the evenings more, during the last months I realized it’s nice to get it done early. I won’t come home late and still think ‘I haven’t written yet’ or ‘I still need to write 1000 words’. Writing my words early gives me the feeling of accomplishment. NaNoWriMo makes me break out of my comfort zone and challenges me to write more than the usual amount.


I’ll be working late tomorrow (Saturday), so maybe there will be more than the requested words for me, not more than 2000 though. I’m still trying to make writing daily a habit and know, when I write too much on one day, there won’t be words on the next because I feel too exhausted. Maybe one day my writing habit will be up to 2000 or more words. For now I’m just grateful for the writing challenge community and every single word I write with their help and encouragement.


Also in August i started to not only log my words but also the time it takes to write them. Now I know that I can write 100 words in about 5 minutes. 500 words take roughly 35 Minutes. The 1667 NaNo words come to life in 2hours. There are days when I think about whether I spend enough time writing or not. Could I write more without my job? Should I write more?


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