C is for Clouds

You always loved watching the clouds, the little white ones, the big grey ones, the slow ones and the ones chased by the wind. You never became tired of them. Sometimes you’ve longed to walk among them, feel their softness and fly with them around the world. You were so enamored with those clouds; you never realized the dark ones getting closer and closer to you. Sometimes your sight was foggy, but you blamed it to the glasses or to not wearing them. You lived on, never realizing the changes. Until one day you woke up and all you could see were the dark clouds around you, filling your world, your brain and your heart. They had finally gotten close enough to you to embrace you with their power. You still could see the world, but it was so dark. You still could see your family and friends and occasionally other people too, but it was always a hard fight against the clouds to get through to them. Finally you gave up one day, tired of the darkness and the constant fighting. And darkness welcomed you.


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    melanie schulz (Montag, 11 April 2016 22:52)

    lovely. Melanie Schulz from
    <a href="http://www.melanieschulz.blogspot.com/">Melanie Schulz.com</a>

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    marie (Dienstag, 12 April 2016 17:21)

    Thank you for visiting my page :) I'm not sure "lovely" was my intended reaction from the readers, but i'm glad you liked it :)