B is for Battle

Her head was resting on his shoulder. She could hear his heartbeat faintly. It made her calm. The sky above them was blue, no clouds in sight. Some birds were flying high above them. But maybe these were some of the new bomber. She didn’t know for sure and she didn’t want to know. The war was far away. She closed her eyes again. Letting his heartbeat draw her in again. She could feel the grass under her body, the soft wind blowing. She could hear little insects; she could hear the leaves rustle on the trees. It was so peaceful. They hadn’t spoken for some minutes, he was sleeping now and she took the chance to sit up. The meadow was vacated. No other human around them. She was glad, for if someone would have seen them, the result would have been disastrous. Some meters behind her back a small forest started to grow. Some steps in front of her, the abyss was waiting. She knew what was expected of them. Their battle-gear laid next to them in the grass. Hers blue and his yellow. But she didn’t want to see it now. She stood up and walked some steps to look down at the world she had grown to hate. The gods. Oh the gods, they surely had their fun. Telling people to fight each other, so one nation could rule. Idiotic. But the people believed in the gods. And who did something against their will was killed. She looked down on the lowlands ahead of her. There was no grass growing anymore. Everything was soaked in blood. Dead bodies laying everywhere. And the battle was still not over. There was a break, but nobody cared for the dead. No one was buried. She looked back to him. She didn’t want to wake him, but it was time. She kneeled next to him and woke him up with a kiss to his forehead. He smiled his beautiful smile. No words were spoken. They heard the signal, a dull fanfare, and started to dress. When the second signal was audible, they parted ways, after another kiss. He went to the left side of the battlefield to meet his soldiers. She went to the right side to get her sword and lead her army to death or glory. She was sure no glory was there to be found on this day.


When they met again, they were in the middle of the battlefield. Two warriors, the best of their nations. The sky was still blue. They had tuned out the sounds of the fights next to them. Her sword fell to the ground to meet his. Their helmets flew away unnoticed. He smiled. She took his hand. They kissed. The noise around them grew louder, then stopped. They could feel all eyes staring at them, but it didn’t matter anymore. He led her away, holding her hand fondly in his. Death would come to them, they knew the gods would make sure of it. But they wouldn’t meet death on the battlefield.  They would meet him on the last days of this doomed world, after they shared their love again. Nobody would survive. But they didn’t want to kill anymore. Should the gods kill them all, they were broken anyway. The battle was already lost before it even started so many years ago.


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    J.H. Winter (Samstag, 02 April 2016 14:50)

    I really enjoyed your post! Star-crossed lovers on different sides of battle, leaving their will to fight behind to step together into the night. Amazing! I can't wait to read more. Thank you for visiting my blog as well! I'm really enjoying this challenge and I hope you are too :)

    Ink & Stitches

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    Pam Margolis (Samstag, 02 April 2016 22:52)

    Oh NO! What will happen next? Good luck with the challenge!

    Pam Margolis
    An Unconventional Librarian

    Co-Host, Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

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    marie (Sonntag, 03 April 2016 12:08)

    Thank you Juliana :) Let's see what will come up for C... i'm still undecided. It's my 2nd AtoZ challenge and even though it just started, it's already so much fun :D

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    marie (Sonntag, 03 April 2016 12:11)

    Hey Pam :) Thank you for visiting! I'm not sure there will be more about these two in this challenge, it was just an idea... maybe i will make something bigger out of it someday...
    I love your page and that you support indie authors so much :) there need to be more people like you! Good luck with the challenge :)