A is for Abyss

At first it was just a feeling. A feeling of something false. You didn't just wake up one day and knew what happened. It was a slow development. It came with sticky tentacles, determined to never let you go. You went through your daily life like always. Sometimes you saw the shadow, but it was always small. You never lost the lurking feeling of sadness. Trying to live a normal life and not paying attention to the feeling and the shadow, you gave them the power to blindside you. Sometimes when you looked into the mirror, you felt something starring back at you that wasn't you. There was something behind your eyes you couldn't really catch. One day you realise the shadow was surrounding you and growing into your world. You tried to shake it off but it was futile. The creeping feeling and the shadow were one and the same and they held you tight in their claws. You became afraid of the mirror, afraid of seeing what was growing inside you. Surprised nobody else could see it. Your mask was firm in place. But what if it broke? You wanted nobody to see. You didn't want to be weak. You fought for your life. You gave everything you had to not to lose yourself in the shadow. You fought for weeks but then came the day you found yourself falling right into what was lurking inside you.



(I'm not a native speaker, so please bear all my mistakes.)

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    Keith's Ramblings (Freitag, 01 April 2016 15:01)

    What a dreadful state to find oneself in! You described it so graphically - and in perfect English!

  • #2

    marie (Freitag, 01 April 2016 15:42)

    Thank you Keith :) Unfortunately there are many people who feel that way. It isn't always easy to realise and look for help.

    Thank you for visiting! :)

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    betty (Freitag, 01 April 2016 16:49)

    I thought you did very well and I didn't see any mistakes. You wrote this very well; I don't want to be in such a place myself!

    great start to the challenge!


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    Julia (Freitag, 01 April 2016 18:38)

    This short piece really drew me in. I could imagine a woman looking in her rear view mirror while driving with an ominous stranger following her. Good job pulling me into this shadowy dark world with such a short piece.

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    marie (Samstag, 02 April 2016 13:27)

    Thank you Betty :) It's good to see you are back for the challenge this year, too :) I love the benches!

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    marie (Samstag, 02 April 2016 13:33)

    Thank you Julia :) I'm not really confident about the words, but it's difficult to describe even in german... let's see what today will bring.