Writing and Happiness

The day i wrote the 50006th word in November, was also the day my coworker complained about my way too good mood. I'm not sure though i like what this entails...
But i'm happy about the reason. November is over, NaNoWriMo too. And i won this year. Somedays i just wrote the minimum of 500 words, on other days i made it to 4000. It wasn't always easy to write, but the good thing is: I wrote everyday.
I love the story and my characters. It's not yet finished, but #DecWritingChallenge will help me with that. I can't wait to have the story all polished and ready for me to read for the first time in one go.
Did you win this years NaNo? What was your project? And what are your plans for december?
For me, finishing NaNoWriMo on the last day was an amazing feeling and i hope i can bring these feelings with me into december. The christmas-calendar-story is waiting, and so is Frost...

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