NaNoWriMo week 2

It's november the 12th, that means NaNoWriMo is happening just now. Are you part of the craziness? What's your novel about? Did you plan it beforehand?
I started this Nano like the other 4 before - without a plan. I just had a vague idea, some concept of two worlds and two powers, a person, maybe two. I had one name and a job description. That was all. I had no clue where this story would be going and i guess some of the things i wrote so far don't make sense at all.
And then, yesterday, suddenly it all made sense. It was during break, i wrote down some thoughts and at the end i had 6 pages of crumpled paper filled with unreadable notes. Filled with an outline for the rest of the story. Sure, i still have to reach this point, where the "rest" starts, but i hope this is easier now.
The dynamic between my characters will change some more times. I know that 2 people who fell in love, will be able to express there feelings in the future due to the change of times.
This was the moment i fell in love with my story.
What about you? Do you love your story? Your characters? What is your favourite line so far? The meanest thing your character had to endure?

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