NaNoWriMo is coming

Gloomy is prepared for this years NaNo
Gloomy is prepared for this years NaNo

It's the middle of October. At least that's what i try to make me believe. This means NaNoWriMo is still 2 more weeks away. I just added some more writing buddies, as one can never have enough of them for NaNo. (My username is Wurzelkind08, feel free to add me, if you need one more buddy)
 Maybe i will win again this year, after last year's dreadful result. i was a pantser always and it worked well for me until the last NaNo. That's why i wanted to plan and outline something for this year. Looking at the date though, i guess i will be pantsing again. Somehow time flew by and i missed the chance to try something new. Don't get me wrong, I like writing without knowing where the story goes. There are surprises everywhere, in characters, in setting, in small details...
This year will be my 5th NaNo. My lifetime achievements are 169,827 words... not very much, but i had the most of fun writing them :)
For winning i use things like the "write so many words if" thread, or wordsprints, or daily word-dares (one of my favourite characters was born through this). I write every possible disaster i can imagine my characters to suffer through, i write about blue ducks with a wooden leg, chasing demons with an old pan, and so on, just letting my imagination go wild :)
What are your ways to win? Is there a tool you would recommend? Do you plan? And what's your project for this year?

 I still don't know what i'll be writing in November, i will just start with an image and see where it goes from there. Next year though, i definitely will be planing. And outlining. I just need someone to remind me in time...

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