The Dragons still fly...

At the moment i find it hard to concentrate on my current Work in Progress... Part 4 of my story about Lana and the blue phoenix is long due, but all the new ideas and plot bunnies i have, are for different stories.
So what am i supposed to do? Abandon the current story to work on the new ideas? Stick to the plan? Work on everything simultaneously? What do you do in this case? What is your master plan for to many different ideas, but not one for the story you need to write?

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    Wendy (Samstag, 08 August 2015 19:15)

    Hi, I'm passing through on my A-Z roadtrip. I'm very impressed with your English and writing ability. I hope you work out the best way forward with your stories.

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    marie (Dienstag, 11 August 2015 11:42)

    Thank you for your kind words, Wendy! I'm still not as good or fluently as i want to be. It's a constant process of learning and understanding. Have fun on your A-Z trip :)