X is for the white spots of your story

X. Yes, I know, that’s not a word. But honestly, I couldn’t think about one word with X, except mybe xmas, that would inspire me to write. So I write about all the X’es in my story and maybe yours.

X is something unknown in your story. This could be a character’s name, a quest, a place, a riddle, a part of your plot.

I am one of those writers who don’t know the whole story when they start writing. I don’t plot much, though I want to try it out more. I have an idea or two or three and then I jump from one X to the next. I like to discover new things about my characters and plot while I write. Sometimes the villain becomes a friend or reverse. Sometimes big problems get solved sooner than expected.

When you start writing, your story is like a map of an almost complete unknown world with lots of white areas. The longer you write and the more you learn about your story, the more these white spots vanish until, at last, at the end of your 4th or 5th revision, they are almost all gone.

I believe i can never know everything about my stories and the worlds where they take place. There need to be some things left to wonder about or to imagine for yourself or the reader. But that is only my opinion.

I like stories (movies and books alike) where not everything is solved at the end and one can speculate and let imagination run wild about what may happened and why.


Only two more days! I will do it :)

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