W is for Window

I started to write this post, thinking about wonders. A writer can’t do without wonder. Wonders to be found and things to wonder about. I write to come closer to the little wonders of this world and to word my wonderings.

But then my special someone asked me “Did you finish your post about windows?” Windows? Well, no. Why windows? “But you always look out your window while writing. You love to sit there and look at the world outside. For me it was clear you would write about windows.”

He knows me so well. And I didn’t even think about windows for W. I had Wanderlust on my list, but not windows. But windows, yes, they inspire me. I have my desk in front of my window. And every time I had my own desk, I always tried to have it looking out of a window. I like to think about our flat as “the tower room”, because we live on the 8th floor and there are not many buildings in our city, that are higher as that. Looking out and somehow down on the city, gives me a new perspective for writing. It makes me able to observe things and write about it from a distance.

Do you have a special window for writing? Or a view you favour?

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    Djinnia (Dienstag, 28 April 2015 02:30)

    Sometimes I look out the window, but mostly my inspiration comes from words, images, or whatever my brain latches onto and forms movie scenes. When I get those movie scenes then I write.

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    marie (Donnerstag, 07 Mai 2015 22:11)

    Movie scenes? That sounds cool! I have some pictures in mind, but more like short visions of what could happen. Inspiration also comes from nature surrounding me... leafs whispering in the wind at night... telling short stories to my brain...