U is for Umbrella

Unexpected things can happen under Umbrellas

Umbrella. I love the sound of this word. And I love the german equivalent “Regenschirm” as well. Whoever invented the Umbrella, owns my gratitude. Umbrellas are great. And so romantic.

Don’t get me wrong, I love rain. And I don’t mind walking through without an Umbrella. But when I have one with me, I could spend hours just standing there and listening to the sounds of the raindrops.

One of my favourite scenes from Totoro is when they all stand at the bus stop and Totoro jumps to let the drops fall even harder. Satsuki gave him her second umbrella.

You don’t think Umbrellas are romantic? Have you read the Anne of… series? She has this romantic notion of her prince charming and when she meets Roy Gardner he rescues her from the rain, offering his umbrella to her. It swept Anne off her feet. Though in the end, we all know, she got the man she belonged to, Gilbert Blythe.

There is also a Manga-story by Arina Tanemura “Romance Heroine in the Rainy Afternoon”, published in the story collection “Squib Feeling Blue”, where a girl prays for rain every day, so her crush will take her under his umbrella.

And one of my favourite Sailor Moon episode is the one, where Bunny (Usagi) meets Yusuke Amade. She is walking through the city alone, with a huge Umbrella and looks as beautiful and grown up as she should always be seen by the others, but never is.


Only 5 more letters. I have words for V, W and maybe Z. But Y and X? These will be the hardest ones… What about you? What will you write about on the last A to Z Challenge days?

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