S is for Special Someone

Someone surely is special to me

Some of my favourite things or words starting with “S” are: Schokolade (chocolate), Schokoladennkuchen (chocolatecake), Sonnenblume (sunflower), Schnatterinchen, Stulle, Schatten (shadow), Sterne (stars), Stift (pen), Sessel (armchair) or Sorrow (I love the sound of this one).

But the word with “S” I love the most, is the name of my special someone. He is one of the kindest persons I know. He is taller than me, but not so tall, that kissing him would cause a stiff neck. He’s a fan of the “wrong Borussia” or the “Hummel-Elf”. He’s a reader. A gamer. He wakes me up with a kiss every morning. He stays up late, waiting for me to come home from work. He bears my moods. He listens to the Traumzauberbaum with me and I like all his playlists. He gives me time to write. He inspires me by making suggestions. He is all this and so much more to me. He makes me feel loved. All in all he makes me so happy and I can only hope to make him as happy in return.

It is not that I write only for him. I think he hasn’t even read all my stories. But somehow I want to be a better writer for him. That’s something I can’t explain very well. It’s a feeling of gratefulness and contempt and giving something back in the best way I can.

I believe we all need a special someone in our life. This could be a spouse, a friend, a child, a family member … Just someone we can always turn to, when the world shows her ugly side to us. Someone who believes in us, no matter what happens. Someone to bring out the better person in us.

Maybe these persons don’t even know what they mean to us. That’s why I’d like to call today the “Special Someone Appreciation Day”. Go out say thank you to the Special Someone in your life. Give them a small present, a smile, a hug, a kiss. Something to let them feel loved.

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