Q is for Qwertz/Qwerty

Look close on your keyboard. Which one of these can you see? In most cases this will be an indicator of where you live. Yes, it’s not really a word, but it could be. Qwertz sounds like the name for a dwarf. Or the noise of an old plank under your feet.

I never realized there could be different layouts for keyboards until I went to Japan for one year for my studies. Narrow minded, don’t you think? Well I did wonder how to squeeze all the Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji on one keyboard, but I never thought one could misplace the letters so easily. ;-)

There are so many nice words starting with “Q” like Quasselstrippe, Question, Quark, Quatsch, Quiet, … how am I to choose one among them?

But for the inspirational part I take “Quartett” and dare you to listen to Schuberts String Quartet No 14 D minor , better known as Death and the Maiden , played by the Alban Berg Quartet. It is by far my most favourite version.

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    Julia (Dienstag, 21 April 2015 12:34)

    I like the word qwerty, and it definitely can help a person learn how to type.

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    marie (Mittwoch, 22 April 2015 15:59)

    Oh, you're right. I didn't think about that. (I'm still in the process of learning to type fluently with more than 4 fingers involved...)