O is for Oddities

Odd things can be found everywhere. Sometimes you have to look really close to see them and sometimes they jump right into your eye… I love colourful things and things that are black or white. I love things that glitter and sparkle. And I have a box filled with all the small curiosities that I found by now. There are old keys in strange shapes, coloured feathers, broken glass pieces, sticks that look like animals, slowly fading notes, old postcards, pins and stamps with rare images. I love odd things, but I also love to hear odd stories. Strange events that happened, which leave one wondering how and why, while chuckling softly. Just this week there was this English reporter coming to a german press conference. Usually this would be no problem at all, but the conference this time was only held in german (it was covering a problem only import in germany, or so they thought… yes, it was about football…) and he didn’t speak german… He still managed to live report from the scene, including the most important facts and did this in a way people began to talk about it. He did not really do his job well. He did his job in an odd and amusing way and people liked him for this. ( I’m sure you can find his story by searching the internet, it is odd and funny and made many people laugh.)

Odd things stimulate my fantasy.  Why did something happen the way it did? Why do some things not fit into the norm, even though they are so beautiful?

Is there something you find especially odd?

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    LynneInPborough (Montag, 20 April 2015 08:24)

    A box filled with all the small curiosities.. That would be my house! I've managed to pass on and get rid of many and yet they keep coming. More in the form of trinkets from friends these days as I've learnt to resist picking things up myself.

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    marie (Donnerstag, 23 April 2015 09:31)

    Oh, i would like to visit you some day and listen to all those stories behind your curiosities :)