L is for Lilac

Lilac loves lingering lullabies

Lilac speaks to all my senses. I love to see, touch and smell it and I love to listen to the wind blowing through it and all the small insects flying around it.

Lilac makes me kind of transform into a bee or a butterfly flying around it’s beautiful blossoms and inhaling the delicate fragrance.

One day I want to write a romantic novel based on Lilac. But romance is so far away from my usual genre (fantasy-sci-fi-magical-realism), that I will have to practice a lot more to write it before I can start.

I love it when you go through the city and everywhere you can smell the sweet scent of Lilac. Could it only grow in front of my writing window… But the tower room is to high. It’s not to high though for butterflies to come to the flowers on our balcony. Just last month, for the first time in my life, I saw a hummingbird  hawk-moth, an amazing creature.

Is there a scent that you could float in? Maybe something that always reminds you of your childhood? Or something you want to include into your writing? Let me know :)

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    Julia (Mittwoch, 15 April 2015 02:45)

    I love the scent of the lilac, but I also adore the fragrance of orange fields in bloom near where I live.

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    marie (Freitag, 17 April 2015 18:14)

    Orange fields? Oh, this sounds so nice! I never experienced this so far. Is there a picture of the orange fields to find on your blog?

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    Julia (Dienstag, 21 April 2015 12:33)

    Yes, here is the picture of the orange fields. I posted a picture to my blog so you can see it.

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    marie (Mittwoch, 22 April 2015 15:49)

    Thank you so much! It's beautiful :)