K is for Kaja

This post is dedicated to Julia. Thank you for suggesting this topic!


Kaja went without further hesitation into the direction from which she heard the rumble. In her ears it had not sounded dangerous or aggressive, but somehow inviting to come closer. She went up the stairs of one of the many towers almost all the way to the top and stepped out on a small balcony.

Directly in front of her, perhaps thirty yards away, was a dragon on one of the many other platforms. He had turned his back on her and seemed to pay attention to the door that led to his landing site.

Was he tall or short? Kaja could not tell. She had no means of comparison. This was the first dragon that she saw with her own eyes. Compared with the boy, who was standing next to him, he appeared to be huge.

The emotions Kaja felt at the sight of the dragon could only be described as pure joy. She felt connected to the dragon, kind of meeting an old friend again after many years.

She wanted to look at it a lot more closely, but suddenly the dragon turned to her. Kaja had not made a sound, tried to breathe as quietly as possible, but he seemed to have sensed her presence. He looked directly at her for a second and she was about to say something when the dragon's attention turned to the old man, who had just come to the platform.

She turned around immediately and run down the stairs and all the way back to her quarters. Only then she calmed down slowly. The two robes, which were ready for her on the bed, brought her back to reality abruptly. At this point she had not yet decided which of them should be her scholarly cowl and hoped that she would make the right decision.


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