J is for Japan

Japan jubilantly brings inspiration.

Japan always held great fascination for me. It all started with Sailor Moon many years ago. I read all books I could get my hands on about Japans culture, history, school system and lots of traveler guides. Don’t ask me what it was, that captured my mind and heart. The distance to my home maybe; the closeness of modern architecture and historical places; the religion of Shintoism; manga and anime for sure; all was and still is part of it.

It was always my dream to live there for a while, and though it was only a year, it came true. I was studying at SaiDai for one year and had the chance to experience a small part of Life in Japan. This year still hounds me, not in a bad way. I keep dreaming in Japanese, trying to stay in touch with friends made during this year and hoping to go back there again.

The story about the dragons I was talking about in the D is for Dragons post, came to me, when I was sitting in my room of the International House at Saitama University. It did help a lot, that I could watch Mt. Fuji from the balcony in clear weather.

I believe that places or things your heart longs for, keep to inspiring you all your life. The dreams you have, bring ideas to you that make you able to reach out to the stars.

Is there a place you are longing for? Something your heart desires that keeps you trying your best each day?

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