I is for Imagination

Imagination involves believing the impossible.


I had to start wearing glasses some years ago. My eyesight isn’t so bad, sometimes when I go out without the glasses, it takes me a while to recognize. The first time I realized I may need them was when I was sitting in the front row of my Japanese class and still couldn’t read the characters. My first thought was, obviously you can’t read them, because you don’t know them. But I was wrong.

Now, why am I telling you this? Because my inspiration comes from the things I see or imagine to see. And sometimes I see very strange things. There was, once some years ago, on the way to university an old house with an even older letterbox in front of it. And every morning I passed by this house, a spectacular white cat was sitting on this box. At least I always thought it was a cat. I never looked at it directly, though I wanted to, but I always forgot it, and only saw the white spot from the corner of my eye.


There never was a cat, but I can still see it right in front of me. At night it gets even worse. Leaves moved by the wind turn into dwarfs or brains with hats. Old garbage bags turn into lions and shadows on trees turn into old women. I was scared the first time I saw her, because I thought she was walking into me. That was a time when my imagination run riot.  And there are of course all the faces one can see while looking at trees, clouds, houses or let’s say stationery. To my astonishment I see these things no matter if I wear glasses or not. But there seem to be more strange things without them on my nose. And they bring such wonderful stories to my mind; of cats that bring light into the world, or brains that take over the world, or Mr. Ew, who went and left this world through a hole in the wall of his living room.


Did you sometimes see things that did not exist? What did you do about it?


PS: I will be Blog- hopping tomorrow, trying to visit as many A to Z Challenge Blogs as possible. I already read so many great posts, I know it will be fun :D

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    Julia (Freitag, 10 April 2015 14:46)

    I am the same way when I do not wear my glasses. Sometimes it is more fun to imagine things that are not there.

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    Lata (Freitag, 10 April 2015 16:59)

    Thats interesting. A few weeks ago, I recently realised I require specs as I couldnt identify my friend smiling at me from a distance of about 20 feet. But I understand how you feel. It was odd initially, though.

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    LynneInPborough (Montag, 20 April 2015 08:12)

    You've got a wonderful imagination. I love shadows.