H is for Home

Home holds my heart in its hands.

Home. Not a spectacular place, but a safe refuge to come back to, when the world tires you out. They say that Home is where the heart is. For me this means my home is at two places :) Home is where my parents live, because that’s the place where I grew up and spend the first 20 years of my life. My roots are firmly fixed in the soil of our garden. I still have my own bed of flowers there and have so many memories about this place. But Home is also where I live now, where I started to build a home for myself and my love. I always wanted a home with a comfortable wing chair in front of a huge bookshelf and it came true. I have my own desk now, instead of writing on my bed or the floor I now can write with a view over the city and lots of green. It’s a magical place build with love and books and hairs from the cat… I love to go out on adventures and make new experiences, but to come Home to a place filled with our dreams and hopes, the laughter of my loved ones and the new memories that are starting to grow, beats it all.

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