G is for Green

Green gallantly gives goosebumps.

I started to write this post just this morning after breakfast.  - Green is one of my favourite colours. There are so many different tones of green, all giving me a different feeling. There’s the light green of spring, bringing the promise of flowers and life. Green makes me feel alive but also makes me calm. Could you imagine a forest in a different colour? Blue leaves maybe? Or meadows in shades of violet? It’s part of my name, it’s one of the colours of Borussia Mönchengladbach. – But then I decided to finish it after work. That’s why my Green today wears the colours of sorrow. It’s Cup day in germany and Gladbach was playing tonight. When I finished work at 8.45pm the match was drawn 1:1. So extra time had to be played. Still 1:1. We lost the penalty shoot-out 4:5. I could watch it only through my fingers... Blown away, the only chance for a title this season. Tonight Green makes me sad, tomorrow it will be a happier colour again.


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    Claudia Blanton (Mittwoch, 08 April 2015 23:35)

    Oh, I feel for your loss, sorry. I am from Nuernberg, so I did at one point root for the soccer team there, and was just as gloomy as you when they lost.
    At least they put up one hell of a fight, which is commendable. Have a great day!

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    marie-gruenberg (Freitag, 10 April 2015 13:56)

    Thank you for feeling with me! You are from Nürnberg? That's a wunderful city! I feel better today and there's the next match tomorrow vs the other borussia from Dortmund... :)