D is for Dragons

Dragons dream dangerously during December.

I firmly believe that dragons not only once existed, but do still exist in our world. We only can’t see them at every place and time. There are small dragons that fly above the meadows like butterflies. Bigger ones that bring light to the street lamps at night, and really big ones that maybe look like clouds on the sky.

One of the first stories I started to write was one about dragons. I still have it in my drawer and will finish it one day. I always look at the sky to see if the dragons still fly. As soon as I’ll notice they are starting to fade, I will write again to keep them alive.
Dragons for me are no dangerous or cruel creatures, but powerful and magical ones. I mean they can fly, they’re able to spit fire and of course they can read your mind.
The dragons i see maybe don’t look like the ones you know from movies or fairy tales, but surely, when you look closely, you can watch them at dusk.
(Short update: It’s half time and Borussia is 3:1 versus Hoffenheim.)

I still need something for "K" :) Please let me know your suggestions.

Happy Writing!

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    Julia (Dienstag, 07 April 2015 10:20)

    There must be something to the dragon theory. Interesting post. You should make the letter K about a fictional character who meets a dragon.

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    marie (Dienstag, 07 April 2015 10:52)

    :) Thank you, Julia. Believe it or not, the main charakter in my dragon story is called Kaja... starting with "K" .... so thank you for reminding me! I will try to follow your suggestion and write about her first meeting with a dragon...

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    Devorah Oates (Dienstag, 31 Januar 2017 18:46)

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