C is for Cinema

C is for chocolate, coffee, cookies, cats, clouds and cinema

Crunching chocolate cookies with coffee on the couch while cuddling the cat and watching the clouds.

There are so many great and inspiring things starting with "C", i couldn't decide for a long time which one to choose.

I could spend hours at my desk watching the clouds pass by my window. All the things you can see in them; animals, faces, little stories. And all the different kinds of clouds; storm clouds, rain clouds, clouds heavy with snow, cirrocumulus, clouds hiding the moon. My story about the blue phoenix was inspired by beautiful clouds.

Chocolate and cookies together with coffee unfortunately are my favourite nourishments for writing. It's not really a case of inspiration, but of feeling comfortable while writing.

My cat is a great source of inspiration. He is full of mischief and sometimes makes me laugh so hard.

The greatest inspiration for me though, is the cinema. I work part time at a cinema, and there i have many prospects to observe all the different kinds of people and their way of communication. It helps me a lot creating my characters.

Do you go somewhere to observe people? What's your secret of creating conclusive characters?

I’m still looking for something inspiring with “K”… Let me know your suggestions :)

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