B is for Borussia

Borussia brings back brilliant ball-sport-memories.

Borussia. There are many Borussias, but only ONE, that really counts. Maybe for those who don't know Borussia i need to explain further. Saying Borussia means talking about Borussia Mönchengladbach, the best, greatest and most sympathetic football team! :) Currently we reside on rang 3 in the Bundesliga, having just defeated the Bayern at their home with 0:2. It was a glorious evening. On my blog there is a part about the Fohlenelf, with match reports. Sometimes very short, sometimes humorous, but always full of love and never impartial :)

Seeing the players give their best in every match is nice to watch and very inspiring. It urges me to try my best at everything i do. There can't always be success, but in always trying to write up to your expectations, chances are high, that you will produce something worthwhile.

Of course victories feel better than defeats, but sometimes even these inspire my words. Words of anger, words of sadness or dreams of hope for better times.

Do you have a favourite sports team? Are you kids playing in a team? Go out and watch a match of the team you support. Study the faces of the players and even more look at the fans around you. Look at their emotions and try to put them in words. Describe the differences between winner and loser fans. Write about the depth of atmosphere and all the small things you notice no one seems to care about.

Happy Writing :)


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    vanillabean (Freitag, 03 April 2015 06:42)

    There is something wonderful about being in the stands and watching a good football/soccer match. I am not a very sporty person in that I am terrible at actually paying attention to the season stats and scores, but I do try to make it out for our Ohio team, the Columbus Crew, at least once a year and it is one of my favorite evenings!