A is for Apples

Apples are always an aromatic adventure.


Does this make sense? I'm not sure, but i think you get what i’m talking about. A is for Apples and that's my first post for the A to Z Challenge.

Apples always had great influence in history of men. Just think about the apple of Eve and Adam, or Newton and the gravity. Even in fairy tales like snow white apples are most important.

For me apples are delicious fruits that brighten my mood and make a great snack for writing and studying. I'm not sure whether i wrote about apples in one of my stories or not. Maybe i mentioned them as a snack somewhere.

Note to self: Write a story with more apples!

Apples are inspiring for me because they come in so various kinds and characteristics. They can be sweet or tear-provoking sour, have a colour rank from green over yellow, to orange, red and even pink, they have a nice shape and i love their smell. Something then just happens in my brain, making me want to write.

Do you have a similar inspiration? Maybe you want to try out apples for yourself? (As long as you are not allergic to apples!) Go to the nearest place where you can see, touch and smell apples. I would recommend plucking some apples, but unfortunately it's not yet this time of the year. You could go out and see the blossoms of apple trees and inhale their fragrance, though.

Buy some different apples. Taste them. Try to find the differences in aroma and put it down in words. Write a poem about it. Share it with me, if you want. :)


Happy Writing!

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    Wendy Lu Writes (Mittwoch, 01 April 2015 16:22)

    Haha well you know what they say: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." ;) I do agree that there's a lot of symbolism in apples, although at the same time, they're also just juicy and sweet fruits! I used to go apple-picking with my family all the time when I was younger. Such a fun pastime :)

  • #2

    marie (Mittwoch, 01 April 2015 17:15)

    :) Yes! I totally forgot this apple-doctor-thing ^^° our neighbour has an old Boskoop-tree growing close to the fence, that's dividing our gardens. The apples though, all hang on our side. We are not allowed to pluck them, but once they fall, they are all ours to devour :D

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    Lanise Brown (Donnerstag, 02 April 2015 07:52)

    I love apples. I like them candied, covered in caramel, baked, or just fresh off the tree. Gotta love 'em. Nice post, Marie. :)

  • #4

    marie-gruenberg (Donnerstag, 02 April 2015 12:40)

    Thank you, Lanise :) i love baked apples as well! Maybe you know the poem "Der Bratapfel"?

  • #5

    LynneInPborough (Montag, 20 April 2015 08:09)

    You've just unlocked writers block.. An apple a day keeps writers at play.

  • #6

    marie (Montag, 20 April 2015 10:40)

    I'm glad i could help you :)