This month - next month (10)

Dear Reader :)

February was filled with lots and lots of studying about soil. And it is not over yet. The exam will be in march, that's why my posts are coming so infrequently.
Working on "Blaues Licht" and all other stories was put to a halt. I cannot really concentrate on writing in the moment but hopefully i will be back on track at the end of march.
Tibor is still full of mischief.

In march i will:

- think about a theme for the A - Z Challenge.
- Update the Fohlenelf-part of my blog
- study more
- enjoy the coming spring
- hopefully blog about the tree of dreams
- visit the chocolate paradise
- and make a very late start for the #Marwritingchallenge.

See you next month!

Look out for the free story in march :)

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