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Dear Reader :)

So nice of you to come for a visit. I'm sorry my place is a little dirty, but i'm studying everything there is to know about soil, so some sand needs to be around me. Tell me, what do you know about soil? Of course, it is this thing you are standing on with your feet. Maybe you even grow some herbs or vegetables on it. But do you know whats inside? How did soil come into existence? And why it need to be protected?
In short soil is a mixture of minerals and organic matter. It's texture is determined by the relative proportions of sand, silt and clay. Looking at the different layers of soil makes it possible to categorise the different kind of soils that exist. (There are different ways to categorise soil in Europe and the USA.)
Unfortunately i'm not proficient enough to explain in english everything i've learned so far about soil. But maybe i made you curious a little bit? My exam will be in german, and soon. That's why my posts until Exam-Day will be a bit shorter than usual.

Hope to meet you again soon :)

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