The Goodnight-Train (30)

Did you ever wonder where the Sandman gets his everlasting, never-ending supply of sand? Well, I guess I found part of his secret.

You know, where I live, it’s very close to the railways. You can listen to trains coming and going all day long and in the night too. There is one special train though, that doesn’t come at the same time every day. No, it depends on when I go to sleep. It’s not a small or quiet train, it’s a big one, and very loud. And no matter what time it is, when I go to bed and open my window, it’s there, making its noise.

I started to call this train the Goodnight-Train a good while ago. But just recently I thought about it more. Do you know how big a normal transport-wagon is? Unfortunately I don’t. So let’s just suppose it’s very big. So now, what do you think, how many of these wagons would the Sandman need, to put just one grain of sand into the eyes of every child to get it to Dreamland safely? (By the way, I’m sure you wondered how Santa Claus gets his presents to every child on earth in just one night. Somehow, I’m sure he learned the trick from the Sandman, who does this every night…)

Please insert complicated mathematic formula *here*.

I tried to count the wagons, just by their sounds, and surprisingly a number around 42 turned up. Now we could of course assume that sand is delivered to the Sandman by huge trains in every country. Still this leaves some questions open. Where does the sand come from? How does it get into the Sandman’s bag? Is it possible to recycle the sand? How old is the Sandman now and how did he get this job? And why is this train always coming, when I want to sleep?

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