A boring plot? (29)

Hey September Writers :) I have a strange problem and maybe one of you can help me to solve it. There is this plot-idea i'm carrying with me for some years now. Now and then i get back to it, think about the characters and places, but never wrote something down. It's romance and that's as far away from my usual genre as one can get. In the last weeks now i experienced this: Whenever i started to think about this idea, i fall asleep. Be it in the train, at home or wherever. Just the first sentence makes me unbelievably tired. It's great, i have no problem anymore falling into my dreams at night. But it's weird. And what does it mean? Is it time to write it down? Or is the plot so boring, that i should never try to write it? What do you think? What should i do?

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    Christina (Samstag, 27 September 2014 19:45)

    That's funny! Do you ever dream about it? I often fall asleep thinking about my story, but I do it on purpose so it can get into my subconscious better, hopefully. :-)

    As to writing romance when it's not what you normally do, I can't advise it. I tried that two years ago and was bored out of my mind.

    Can you use the characters and maybe even the romance as part of some other story? If they're compelling enough it would be a shame if you can't use them except as a sleep aid!

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    marie-gruenberg (Montag, 29 September 2014 14:36)

    :) Thank you for your comment and advise! By now i haven't dreamed about this idea, at least i can't remember ^^°
    It's not pure romance, it's more like a coming of age story but with characters just fresh from the university, starting their jobs (what could this be called?), friendship and some romance... i love the story, but still hesitate to write it...
    These characters are to earth-bound to be used in one of my bizarre fantasy worlds...but maybe i can make it happen? :)