The secret life of squirrels... (28)

If i could be someone or something else than myself for one day, though of course i'd love to be a cat or a tree, at the moment i'd like to be a squirrel. Not because they are sweet and fluffy, nor because i love nuts and berries, but because squirrels can do, what only spiderman can do: climb up walls to the rooftop of a house. Sure they are great climbers on trees and excellent jumpers, too and nice to look at.

But what i do like most about them, is their Ninja-like ability to just climb to my balcony, and lay there to bath in the sun or check  my roses... and i live on the 8th floor.
i'm sure there is a secret alliance of squirrels that are trying to spy on humans, thinking about how to get the power to rule the world. Just imagine how they meet in the middle of the night, all wearing black. That would at least explain all the tiny noises and footsteps i sometimes hear at night,when i can't sleep...

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