Writer's Block (24)

While writing there comes a time, mostly earlier than later, when you reach a point where you can’t write on. Maybe you don’t like your idea, story or characters anymore. Maybe you came to a scene/problem and don’t know how to solve it. Maybe you just don’t feel like writing.

So, tell me, what do you do, when you’ve hit writer’s block?

I have some different approaches (order is unimportant):

  •  I ask a friend for a list of random words (5 -20, depends on what you are working on in the moment) and then try to use them in my story. This helps, when I don’t know what should happen next. Some of my most favourite lines were developed this way (Shady Joe, blue duck, rolling pin…)
  • I look at this page: ywp.nanowrimo and use their incredible Dare-machine.
  •  I clean the house, which is good, but doesn’t help with writing
  •   I try to skip the current scene and jump to another, where I know what happens, but make sure to come back later to this dreadful scene
  •   Taking a walk or just sitting on the balcony watching the clouds passing by
  •   Drinking lots of coffee, eating lots of chocolate and, if available, cuddling a cat also is a tremendous help
  •   I read one of my favourite books
  •   I cry and become angry (very rare)

But whatever happens, I always try to write on. It doesn’t matter how crappy the text is, it’s just important to write on. It will get harder and harder for me to write again, when I stopped for a longer period (and that’s not helpful for my mood also).


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