#WritingChallenge (23)

What started as a one-month-only-challenge, developed into something bigger… the #AugWritingChallenge is now happening and we have twitter-hosts until January next year already. I will be this december’s host, trying to cheer to all participants and make them meet their daily wordcounts for all month. We even have our own homepage, please look at WritingChallenge.org!
All praise for this goes to Kristy and Sara and of course to all the brave writers out there, taking part in the monthly writing challenges.
Do you think it’s easy to write 500 words per day? If so, please come and join us in September -> #SeptWritingChallenge <- We are waiting for you :)

Due to some personal issues I wasn’t able to write most of august. I was repapering an old apartment and also trying to move into a new one… the view is breathtaking, and slowly everything settles in, but it was an exhausting month. Yesterday though was the perfect day to write, rainy and free... i managed 1040 words and feel so much better now :)

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