Of Monday mornings.... or Sunday nights? (22)


Why is it so, that on Monday mornings i'm always tired like i only slept for one hour in the night before?

It's not that i don't like Mondays, Mondays are always good to start something new. Though it's not always wise to say "Monday"... sometimes you need to start right in that moment and not waiting for another day. Also, the way i sometimes feel on Monday mornings wouldn't be right to start something new.

But why can't i sleep in these nights from Sundays to Mondays? Because my brain won't stop asking silly questions?

Of course there are these essential questions like: Did i do all my homework? Is the alarm clock set? And where did i put this last bar of chocolate last night?


But there are other questions, too.


Do you know the weight of a heavy heart?

Where do ideas come from?
Can you taste memories?
What is the sound of the wings of a butterfly?
How does a flower bud smell just before it opens?
What is time? Where does it come from? And where is she going?
What is happiness?
What is the difference between knowledge, wisdom and intelligence?
How gets the apple on the tree?
How many calories do you burn while dreaming?
Why gets everything old?
Where does music come from?
Why do you get goose bumps?
Where in the body is love located? And where anger?
Where do the butterflies come from in your belly?
How can you move someone to tears?
When was the time there were dragons on the Earth?
Where does the imagination come from?
How many truths are there?
Will the time come one day when every thought has already been thought of and there are no new ideas anymore?

And what happens then?


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