Weltmeister! (19)

Did you watch the World Cup over the last weeks? Though some matches were at a very late hour, I managed to watch 3/4 of the matches... or more? Gloomy-san saw all of them and is still in the mood... it's time for the Bundesliga to start again!

I wanted Japan to win the cup, but they didn’t play very well. In the end it was the team I secretly hoped for but never would have tipped (?), that got to win the final.

I’m a major football fan. My favourite team is Borussia Mönchengladbach, as you can hardly miss while looking on my homepage. There was one young player from us playing for the national team. He made his debut just at the second to last match before the world cup, a friendly match with Poland.

Last season you could find him all over the field, he was always running the longest distance per match, never getting tired or less excited.

During the world Cup he made 3 matches, not one over all the time, but he played, and he played well. On the day of the final, just minutes before the match, he learned that he had to replace Sami Khedira, who was injured. So he did. He played the final. The tragic is, no one knows how much he remembers of this match, the biggest match in his life so far. He made a good game until he was knocked out and had to be replaced after 31 minutes with a serious concussion… It is said that he even asked the referee whether this match was the final…  Luckily he could celebrate the victory in the end with his team, though, when you looked in his face during the ceremony, I guess he still wasn’t sure whether it was real or just a dream. He did remember though, that it was his grandmothers birthday :)

I’m sure by now you all know who I mean, but for those completely ignorant of the World Cup and its stories, this was the adventure of Christoph Kramer.


oh, yes, it was Germany who won the World Cup. And still life went on as if nothing happend...

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