What I found... #JulyWritingChallenge (18)

Writing, as the pure act of it, is a lonely adventure. You have to write down the words that are rumbling in your mind. No one else can do this for you.

Though, through the years, I found that sometimes writing in company brings better results. There was a time when i had a kind of "open atelier" in my living room. A friend of me would always come and together we were productive, she was drawing, I was writing. (I should try something like this again...) Also, for my christmas calendar stories (There will be one again this year!! And we will celebrate, it's the 5th anniversary of the first christmas-story "Eine seltsame Begegnung"/ " A strange encounter"...!) it was nice when someone was there while i was writing.

But people don't need to be there in person. Sometimes it's enough to know they are there to encourage you and writing at the same time like you. I experienced this first through NaNoWriMo (4 years ago), and this year it's even more noticeable, taking part in the #JulyWritingChallenge. It's great to be a part of this group, all being so supportive to each other. Thank you all for keeping me motivated and staying on target.

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