#To a future Writer - NaNoWriMo (14)

Dear future me,

I hope this finds you safe and sound, at a place you feel at ease, preferable your favorite writing place. It’s good to have one. But please remember that one can write everywhere, you just need a pen and paper.

Writing is not a matter of place or time. If you want, you can write whenever and wherever you are. Be it a noisy café, on a train or in the waiting room of your dentist. You know you have this shocking ability to blind out the world, while writing. Use it.

Also I hope that by now, you have stopped this annoying habit of procrastination. Sure, the flat looks cleaner, your cat happier and your plants greener, when you procrastinate. But your story is going nowhere. I know you can write when you just sit down and stop worrying about it. Do it. Have fun writing, no matter in what mood you’re in. Writing helped you through depression, so don’t use it as an excuse. Happy? Write. Sad? Write. The world is going down? Write. Maybe even take a writing class.

You sure will have a “normal” job, maybe a family and lots of cats and books, but promise me one thing: Never stop writing.


So now, what are you waiting for? Start writing. Still reading? Write! Do it! Now!


Your past self.

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    Andreas (Freitag, 13 Juni 2014 10:25)

    Exactly ... stop reading the comments and Write :)