Places to write (11)

My dream place to write would be an old desk in front of a window, looking out into a garden, a forest or to the sea. Wouldn’t it be great, if the view would change during the day? Maybe in a tower, with 4 desks and 4 windows looking out in 4 different directions, sceneries, times and weather?

I do write on a dining table nowadays but hopefully will have my own desk back in some time. Though both are tables, there seems to be a difference in writing.

Also I love to write in trains. Some of my short stories were completely developed on my way home from university or back.

At night I can also write in bed, equipped with a notebook and a pen, one that has its own lamp. Very useful for ideas right out of my dreams when I can’t waste time looking for the light switch.

You can see, I’m an indoor writer. My room, a train, a café or the university’s dining hall…  I need a roof above my head to write… ^^°


What about you? What does your dream place to write look like? Are you an indoor or an outdoor writer? Where is the place you can write the best?

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