XS or XL? (13)

Do you have a preferred length of your written work? Do you prefer poems to novels or short stories to 5-part crime thrillers?

I love writing short stories. Most of them are 3-5 pages long, but there are also longer ones like “Hüte der Macht / Hats of Power” or “Der Mann im Küchenschrank/ The man in the Cupboard”.

Also, my newest one (still working on it) – working title “Spuk im Stadtschloß/ spook in town” will be longer, maybe even the longest short story I’ve written so far.

My first fantasy novel will be +400 pages, when finished. And others will follow. But, as yet, I have the most fun writing short stories.


What about you? What brings you the most fun/ fulfilment while writing?

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