Japanese Stationery (12)

Are you handwriting your stories or always using a pc/smartphone/etc. for your ideas?

I take a fancy notebook with me almost everywhere to go. Even at work there is always a pen a folded paper in the pocket of my trousers.

I have tons of notebooks. Some already filled with notes, short scenes, poems or just one-word ideas, others still waiting for the day I will pick them. I love loose-leaf with squared paper. I do write on lined paper too, but I somehow have the feeling to write better on squares.

There are notebooks with quotes on it or with classy leather binding, colourful ones or just the plain A5 ones, which get pasted up by me with pictures, stickers and stamps.

But the notebooks I love the most, are the ones I bought in Japan. They have the perfect size, they have lovely pictures and quotes and they always remind me on the time, when I was studying at SaiDai.


Japanese Stationery in its entirety is just awesome. It’s the cutest, most colourful, most beautiful and most eye-catching thing I’ve seen so far. And not only notebooks but also pens, pencils, rubbers, stickers or sketchbook. Everything you can imagine you will find there. The stationery shops in Japan are my most favourite place to spend money. Followed by bookstores and chocolateries.

There was one shop I most regular visited, a 2 floor building, selling books, manga and newspaper on the first floor and when you went upstairs you entered my writing-supplies-paradise. I was overwhelmed every time I went there.


So, where is your favourite shop for writing supplies? How did you find it? And what would the perfect notebook for your ideas look like?

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