Planing or Pantsing? (10)

Are you a Planer or a Pantser? Do you plan your novels before you start the writing process? Or do you just sit down at your desk (or where ever you write, your bathtub, sofa, armchair,…) and start to write with just some ideas, hoping all will come to you at the right time?

When I started to write, I did poems, some short thoughts and short stories. I also wrote one big love story, which, since then, is buried deep down in a drawer.

With poems and short stories there was never any planning involved. I just sat down and wrote it. Came back to it again at some later time, rewrote it, polished it. And put it away. Sometimes I gave them to friends to read.

Now that I started my first long fantasy novel “ Die Legende des blauen Phoenix”/ “The legend of the blue phoenix” I did the same. All I had was one image, one idea. And during NaNoWriMo in 2011 I wrote part 1 and 2 of it. Well, the first rough drafts. It was somehow easy then, writing everything that came to my mind. But now that I’m working on part 3 and 4 I slowly come to see the disadvantages of it. When you just start to write without knowing most of the way or even where to go, there comes a time, when you may lose track.

Now I started to plan backwards. Made notes of all the characters, who knows what and why, so I can be sure to give them all a consistent image during the story. (I just recently realized that I changed the colour of magic of one of the main characters… tztztz).

So, for the next novel I will plan  beforehand. My short stories though, I will continue to write without a plan. I love to write them without me knowing where they will take me and I’m always surprised by the end.

What about you? Do you find it difficult to plan, or to write without a plan? Do you love to write whatever ideas come to your mind? What is easier for you?


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