About mistakes... (5)

A big part of writing is making mistakes. There are funny ones, and some you can never get rid of, even if you try the hardest you can.


The most frequent mistake I make, next to writing words together, is vielelicht (~ lots of light) instead of vielleicht (maybe).


And one of my old time favourites is Honigbonobos where it should have been Honigbonbons.


A new creation is the word nurch, a combination of nur (only) and durch (through).


Another recent one: Nachmitgaskaffee instead of Nachmittagskaffee…


Don’t be afraid of making mistakes like this. When you write your first rough draft, it’s not about writing perfect, but about putting your ideas into words and on paper. Write what comes to your mind and keep your inner editor captive until you’re finished.


A good training for writing without worries is taking part in the NaNoWriMo, which happens every year in November. It’s about writing 50.000words (or more) in one month. It’s insane, it’s crazy, but it’s also a fun experience.



Have a look at their Blog for more informations.

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