The sound of writing (9)

Nowadays, when I write, I do so in completely silence. Well, at least as silent as it can be. The world has become so loud, I enjoy the silent hours of writing very much. When I open the windows, I can listen to the rain falling, the whispering wind, birds singing or leaves rustling. That’s the perfect writing soundtrack for me. Most of the time at least. Sometimes I like to write in a full cafeteria as well. Chatting people all around me. I can blind it all out, the laughing, the chatting, the noise, so all that remains, is a nice humming background.


I used to write in classes at my university (math was always very productive) and at home with loud music in my ears (classic, rock, …). I’m not sure though, why and how this changed.


What do you prefer? Writing in silence? In crowded places? With music filled air?

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