Of white cats and coffee (8)

There are many small things I like and when you read my stories carefully, you will notice some of them. There are, of course, cats. I love cats. In all colours and forms.  But in my stories so far, you can mostly find white cats. Though, in the future there will be one big fantasy novel including a black cat like animal…

Something else you will recognize is “Milchkaffe mit Zimt und Zucker Haube”, coffee with lots of milk, more milk froth and sugar and cinnamon. I love to drink it. And somehow I love to include drinking it into my stories.

Rain and clouds, sometimes also snow, also play a role. Did I ever write a short story with blue sky and a shining sun? Hmh, I guess there is one, unfinished yet, but it’s also different…. You will see one day.

I find it quiet easy to write about things I like/dislike and things I know, easier than to write about unknown things.  

What about you? What do you write about?

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