World Book Day (7)

Today is the international day of books and i thought i would share some of my favorite books with you. This list is neither complete nor in any special order.

I couldn't name a single book that would deserve the first place. More likely, there is a group of books that I can read again and again without feeling bored, that fascinate me and impress me again and again. So far I've never really thought about it, but I had the opinion that my favorite books would cover a wide field, but if you look at the following list... I’m not sure anymore....


  • ·         Das fliegende Klassenzimmer von Erich Kästner


  • ·         Rotkäppchen in Manhattan von Carmen Martín Gaite


  • ·         Der seltene Vogel von Jostein Gaarder


  • ·         Die Stadt der träumenden Bücher von Walter Moers


  • ·         Ich dachte, ich wär ein Panther von Paola Mastrocola


  • ·         Howl’s moving Castle von Diana Wynn Jones


  • ·         Hardboiled Wonderland und das Ende der Welt von Haruki  Murakami


  • ·         Ismael von Daniel Quinn


  • ·        


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