Geschichtenlieder (3)

I grew up with a fairytale wallpaper in my room, listening to the stories my older brother told me and of course listening to the famous Geschichtenlieder (story songs?) by Reinhard Lakomy and Monika Erhardt: “Der Traumzauberbaum”, “Mimmelitt das Stadtkaninchen”, Schlaps und Schlumbo” or “Der Wolkenstein”.


I guess these were the foundation for all the small fantasy worlds in my head.


For those of you who don’t know their work I recommend to listen to at least some of the songs like:

-          Wo der Mond hinfliegt

-          Der Eierbecher

-          Kleine Wolke

-          Mondsilbertaufe


Or, if you have the chance, go to see the Traumzauberbaum live in the next theater. Though sadly Reinhard Lakomy deceased last year, the Traumzauberbaum lives on. And with him Lakomys work remains.


These stories are filled with colourfull figures, singing raindrops or love letter writing squids and tender little details that show the love of the authors for their work.


I hope to one day write something comparable to their stories. Something that touches the heart of the reader and never really lets him go. Something that takes you to another world and makes you smile and cry at the same time.

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