Shady Joe and the flying pigs... (2)

I mostly write short stories. But I also have some ideas for bigger stories. However whatever I write, it’s all Fantasy.
The story I’m writing at the moment is called “The legend of the blue Phoenix” and is split into 4 parts.
My main character has this Talisman, a very powerful object she doesn't know of, and this she got from a phoenix. She needs to be killed and to be reborn, like a phoenix, to get stronger and more powerful. So the bad guy thinks he's winning but he isn't in the end, or maybe he is? I still don't know yet.

Shady Joe and the flying pigs still is my favorite scene in the 2nd part of my story. And maybe the best part? Though it’s absolutely irrelevant for the plot. It was one of the daily challenges  to make Shady Joe catch the demons with flying pigs... a nice and funny little scene before i kill my mc :D He is just a side side side character, not even important for the story, but I love to tell the story of him, the world’s most famous demon hunter, who once caught a bundle of demons with an attack of flying pigs …
By now I wrote several scenes with him. One short and ridiculous... imagine a demon hunter wearing self made colourful striped socks!!! The other, let’s not talk about this scene or I will cry of shame...T_T

Is there something you want to write about, even though it’s irrelevant to your plot?

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